Home is where the heart is (Opinion)

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Hello dear readers! Today I would like to share with you just a few reflections which are closely connected to "home" as I see it. It´s been a year and half that I left the place I called home. It was warm, cozy, crowded with people who loved me and provided me full-service including doing laundry, cooking and grocery shopping. There was always someone I could talk to. Mostly, it was my dog who listened to my issues. When I look back, that twenty years of my life were pretty cool. What a pity, a man can never fully appreciate something, until it´s gone.... (FOR THE WHOLE ARTICLE CLICK ON "READ MORE")

Then it started. Firstly I moved to England, where I lived as an aupair with an indian family. I came home because...well nobody knows this reason, but it was because I missed slovakian "teplé rožky", which I couln´t find in the city I  lived. This whole experience was frustrating. Just terrifying...I moved to Bratislava, where as a student I´ve  changed my adress so often, that I start wondering if I can call this place "home". It became a word with no value of stability. It changes and lables the the thing that make me feel safe, loved, or completely compfortable with myself.
For me it´s this:

1)breakfast routine:
Wherever I am, I love to get up a bit earlier and prepare a healthy breakfast. It can be just fruits, home-made yoghurt, or porridge. Trust me, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. I love to watch the sun coming up and lights in other windows shutting off one after another.

2)one person (at least) who can hug you in less than five minutes when you need it:
American scientists proved, that a lack of hugs leads to depression, emotional imbalance and earlier death. I prove it too. Hugs are needed everywhere and everytime.

3) green woods:
The only reason I accept Twilight are all those woods around. I grew up near them and I love to come back. However, I´m deeply concerned what I tell my children when there will be no green nature which could be enjoyed and embraced. There is no snow in Bratislava (Slovakia) this winter. Because it´s considerably big city, everyone accepted that. But white flakes haven´t appeared  much in my hometown either. As I don´t want a "home" without woods or flakes, I try to do something for it. It´s time to recycle. I mean FOR REAL :D


  1. I agree with you. I've been to different places and it's fun... but I can never picture myself living there for years. Coming home is always something I look forward to - whether I just went out to grab something in the mall or when I'm abroad.

    xx Janelle
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