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Hi there guys! In this cathegory I  am going to put everything what deals with my personal life and is worth mentioning. 
Firstly, I am going to tell you something about me. 

1) My real name is Veronika, but my nick name is Nika. Name of the brand Paganicca constist from three words: pallette, Gabriel and Nicca. 

2) I am 20 years old and currently I am studying journalism in Slovakia. 

3) With my partner (Gabriel or simply Gabi) we are both ginger. 

4) I have one other blog ( in slovak language. 

5) I am keen on wooden houses, passive houses and healthy, active lifestyle. 

6) I am addicted to green tea. One cup is a part of my daily routine many years. 

7) Someone might say I am hyperactive, but I just really hate doing nothing for more than one hour.

So that´s it for the beginnig :-) Hopefully you enjoy my blog and come back again! 

Csu csu! 

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